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African Americans people under attack by facebooks employees

Those of you who are believers in the blood of Jesus Christ.are under attack by those who work for Facebook who are satanist sorcerer and witches and warlocks. They are injecting things into the eyes of the people using sorcery when you log in your account and into your love ones pictures
I am going to show you a copy of what sorcery looks like and witch craft using a light that forensic science uses look closely at the pictutes. They are bewitching the people like Simon the sorcerers did in the Bible a witch calls herself attaching herself to my back to keep me from walking or being with my husband I am going to show you pictures of what it looks like and how u can see using your phone the same way they do I. Forensics  The white part you see on the fingers is the spirit and the white part in the middle is where the witch try’s to attach a ungodly silver cord to my navel every night my pastor who is a elder has prayed it off of me constantly.. my eyes they also use to light up in the middle of the night they are called the illumination of the eyes by a five point star powers this is spiritual warfare and we must all learn to protect ourselves if they come after you . Yes I have real pictures of my eyes. And yes my pastor prayed that away too this stuff is real., the spirit is covering part of my fingers. Today I had to get another minister to pray for and several missionaries came in my house a couple of month ago we all have pictures and witnesses a illuminated object was flying around in my house in which it ran when the missionaries were praying. So a witch and warlock has been following me around and they call themselves trying to scare me and others but you all know I would die for the blood of Jesus Christ at any time and I won’t regret that I had a desire for god a age six. And no devil in hell is going to stop me from calling Jesus. The foolish witch astroprjected herself in my home. And we have her on camara.. I ain’t changing. I love Jesus Christ Jehovah with all my heart mind and soul and I have no fear of what man can do. They are trying to force new age new order on people through Facebook by using sorcery through the eyes and people don’t even know it. Those of you who say the blood of Jesus she’d for you say it for me to . I am under the dominion of the lordship of the blood that Jesus shed for me way back on Calvary the blood that gives me strength from day to day it will never lose its power, when you look at the fingers you can see the hand is covered with a spirit. This is spiritual warfare it is seen under a light 

 by camara what you can’t see with the necked eye. They are using third eye powers toward me and other deliverance minister or those who may try to deliver the people or bring them to Christ there is a witch attacking me and others whom we are all  those who try to deliver people from third high level witches on Facebook and yes police officers are there friends,, this is how and why black peoples are shot to death because high level witches who work with police officers who are in police coven need black and brown bodies.. for sacrifices.. there are other ministers who are on YouTube that they are attacking or trying to shut there channel down and yes police are part it

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