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Intercessory prayer for Black families,,The state of washington, there Justice system

the law enforcement justice system of the state of washington and JAY Inslee... .. and Black families...  I dont know  If you know but the state of Washington,, has had the highest rate for murdering Blacks and racial discrimination and racial profiling for black families, and we made HISTORY for police killing and shooting and racial discrimination and profiling  by police,, The State of washington law enforcement locked up over 100 blacks during covid 19,

, for being homeless hungry lost of jobs ,,  or stealing their basic needs,, the state of washington justice system, is putting large bails on indigent blacks  ,, who went in store stole pampers or groceries ,, or who slept in places  like rv area ,, who became homeless after lost of jobs during covid 19.... several law enforcement is putting felonies on black people.. who stole groceries and listing it as robbery  or bulgery  on black who even stole small things as a pack of gum ,, because they are black ''it will list on there background as robbery or bulgery,, to make them look bad of degrade their character,,

a white police man listed several blacks for robbery because they entered'' a place to sleep who had lost jobs during covid 19.. and the judge is aiding all racist police officer  in the state of Washington and so is the mayors. of Tacoma Washington and the governor ...Seattle is most racist when it comes to blacks and Muslims...  the Tacoma Washington police department officer stated in 2018 according to whistle blower that he was going to kill murder lock up specific black families he knew and that he wanted to do it for a long time...  10 Tacoma Washington and several judges of the Tacoma county city building in Tacoma Washington removed felonies from 120 white people ,,

, who done them favor for hate crimes against black families .. and there are three Tacoma Washington county city judges at 910 Tacoma avenue Tacoma Washington who supports the severe beatings of blacks and also place high bail on them after the Tacoma Washington police officer has severely beaten them,, for going in stores getting food ,, during covid 19 and sleeping in homes  who were homeless..,, ONE  of the Bishops I talk to personally and his wife called the situation The firing zone,, Tacoma Washington police officers  were known for their deals that they make to the judge by phone after lock up on blacks  before they come to court,, a police officer makes 35,000 to 45,000 every day for the lock up for a black person even over small things such as a bag of groceries or sleeping in rv  or empty homes or even sleeping on the street or a church property they call this robbery or bulgery,, and the racist white judge in the Tacoma washington county city building does to,, five black males were badly beaten by Tacoma Washington cops during covid 19,, 

for a bag of groceries and a box of pampers,, the arresting officers called it bulgery and the judge,, another person for sleeping in a area ,, of a rv ,,  the judge called that robbery,, and the arresting officer,, these are what they are doing to blacks, king county had the highest rate for beating and shooting blacks,, Tacoma Washington police and Lakewood police were just shooting to death blacks, and arresting them for any and every thing,,  a Lakewood Washington police officer shot a man 20 times off his balcony he had no weapons,,, I was standing on my balcony when it happened,, The mayor of the city of Tacoma Washington at this present time is allowing the severe beatings and arrest of all blacks during covid 19 who were homeless hungry and any small things,, and even police murdering of blacks,,

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