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What all Holy Spirit believer should know about Facebook..witch & warlocks projections

In June of 2019.. I had a strange occurrence me and a older missionary of church and God in Christ...from Facebook... Facebook employees who are witches are Astro inject themselves into homes of Black people..this is what we discovered and what she recorded by video camara  in her home and is showing videos only to church if God in Christ members..and not on social network..  I been having this same experience..a witch Astro project into my home...and she actually following me around in my house from time to time she tries to write things on my that demons and demonic spirits are drawn to me when I go outside .a older missionary has been having this same experience so she set up camara and recording of herself on her Facebook with a special can see things coming from her Facebook..and you can see the witches Astro projects into her home ..she testified that she could feel the witch trying to write things on her back...when she testified I stood up and told her I was having the same experience ...she is in her 70 ...another saints and members of church and God in Christ during Bible study stood up and told her story. How Facebook was using these new world order strange things to project demons and demonic thoughts into people minds through sorcery..and placing demonic marking on the bodies on black people with out their knowledge when they are sleeping.. sending enchantment through the cell phones of people these are all Facebook employees..who are witches & warlock...young blacks being followed without their knowledge ...and when you see people heads being cut off it is a part of telepathy demonic enchantment from their Facebook page .. because young blacks are unlearned about the new world order Facebook is using them as subjects and capturing souls & every demonic thing you can name...another testimony of a church and God in Christ members said. After getting off Facebook she felt a night like a man was cutting her open with a knife and writing things on her pastor and other missionary went to her house to pray for her... Facebook is using the souls of innocent Blacks like they did in slavery...and because this generation  is refusing to worship and get saved and filled with the holy Spirit..they are not discerning what is really has gotten out of hand people are on Facebook..more than they want to worship God ..or go to church on Sunday..we need to go back to old time worship ..and not so much tv or Facebook or cellphone ... because this new world order is totally demonic and Facebook is pushing it on innocent blacks by having witches project into people's home trying to write things on their backs or spirit...when they know these people only want Jesus Christ....they are even putting things into the hands of people when they use Facebook without them even knowing it ...I will explain so everyone will know what I am talking about first let me say this .my pastor is a elder of 95 years old he has casted out devil's out of people and out of their homes . For years he too old now but doesn't look his age ...he had eight open heart surgeries..he use to preach until blood ran down his chest and the glory of God would come it would heal up on its own yes in front of the you know god called him to cast devil's out...he doesn't have no fabulous title ...but he was sold out to Jesus Christ the living let me explain Facebook is doing new world order spiritual injections into people hands ..mind .....and homes..if you take a infa red camara shine it over your hand look to see if you see anything strange like fangs claws...this was in the hand of a young man who had Facebook who kept having bad dreams ..he used infa red camara and told pastor and his mother and family and showed members at the church with his infa red camara. Recorded a witch projecting herself in his room over his bed a night. .he keep the video to inform other of what is happening to when you see you people cutting off heads of members they love.. and it's something they never would do and it's strange it all comes from Facebook ...he's being summons and program at night while he sleep by a witch or warlock or sorcery from Facebook... without his knowledge or permission so they can take his soul from him .  So he doesn't understand or know why and what happened but this is what Facebook employees are doing the new world order is to make people worship Satan or take their soul by force by using Facebook...we need a serious relationship with God holy Spirit filled and yes go to the alter and early morning prayer .. baptism and the blood that Jesus shed for me way back on Calvary the Blood that gives strength from day to day it will never lose its power Everyone please can we try to give Minister Smith a pastoral offering ... because we really need people like him and this website ...we need each other all of us on her ...this ain't a race war it's a spiritual battle for our souls....I love you guardian prayer warriors all of would be nice if we could get a million dollars for Minister Smith for his's hard to find people who love God and people like he does him and his wonderful family....yunish

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