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Oct 19th
Fairfax County Police have issued an Amber Alert for 5-year-old Kamron Wells. Wells went missing Sunday morning in Alexandria. Wells is described as 3 feet tall, black, and about 50 pounds. He was wearing a gray sweatshirt, camouflage T-shirt, jeans, and black shoes. Wells is missing his front left tooth.

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I Pray and hope they have found him by now GOD BLESS you for getting the word out.


Matthew 10:26King James Version (KJV)

26 Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.


gather yourselves together and hold hands and call out his name in the name of Jesus , ask god to tell you where he is and what happen this is how  i FOUND  a missing girl who was a close friend of my son when he was in middle school the holy spirit lead me to her in tacoma wa ,while the news said she was in Lakewood wa , I called crime stoppers me and my neighbor , but they didn't respond , in time enough

to save the little girls life me and my neighbor we saw, the little girl going to her friends house down a hill on day then the next day we saw her sitting on the middle school playground out in the cold

, and teachers didn't even care to call the police,or even to go out on the playground to ask why she was sitting there, all these things were reported to crime stoppers, they didn't respond in time and the child was later found dead in her own city, my neighbor saw the man with a axe walk into the woods with her, he chased my neighbor , the guy did , he did come after us,  hurry someone needs to fast and then pray, its not a game  and god knows the sincere heart, be prepared for what god will reveal to you ,

if your heart is not sincere with god you wont get a result, so you may have to put some things away

but hurry time is of essence, you will need someone with a anointing sold out to god and of age with wisdom to pray over some oil for you so someone who has live pasted a certain time , or a elder  or missionary  this is spiritual warfare  that's you are fighting ,

my daughter was missing age three and the anointing oil that i placed on her every night brought her back

a police officer brought my 3 year old baby back, she was snatched out of my yard, time is of essence,he told me something lead him right to the guy , I almost lost my mind , i know it hard i have been there I had a cardiac arrest shortly after , because of how i was feeling before they found her, the effects from stress

the guy later ran over the police officer and killed him right down the street from my house, I moved out of that house after 2 years of staying there I couldn't sleep after the police officer was killed,

the other officers lite candle for that street he was hit on near a middle school, I stayed in that house in Tacoma for 2 years and the third year ,I was going to buy it through hud, but the memories haunted me so bad and i couldn't get any sleep for nightmares, so I lost the home and that opportunity , and other reasons  , I was getting strange phone calls and threats were being made about police officers dying I couldn't take it, so I left the hud home , and lost a opportunity to own a very nice house,  I hope my testimony helps,

all police officers aren't bad they sometimes lay their life on the line for people and people should remember and appreciate when a appreciation is shown or given

they guy was to big for me to fight or run down , but he couldn't deal with that officer,

my prayers are with you yunish lucious nephatallie

Dont be afraid.... Chickenallthetime! That house was not for you! Over there was dangerious! God has something better for you.....Call on The name of The Most High..... He is your Salvation.... The things of this world are temporary... God has Life Everlasting! Yeshua Hamashach  in Hebrew Jesus Christ is your God.... Lean on Him

Let Us Pray! 

Have mercy on me, O God,
according to thy steadfast love.


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