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Please pray for me, I am trying so hard not to be bitter, I was banned from a sight without being told why, I know in my heart that i haven't did anything to warrant this and at one time i was really good friends or so i thought with the creater and i don't understand how he can ban me and then come to my guardian page and leave a comment like all is well. Please pray that i can get past this because it is really making it hard to reach out to people and trust and i don't like this feeling.

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I know you don't know who I am but I have a good idea of who you are, I was banned from that same site by the same person. I'm trying not to be bitter also! I didn't do anything either, I'm trying to let go and let God, he will handle it!!!!!
Sis, this sounds like a misunderstanding between the two of you, seek to restore one another by going to the individual & ask for forgiveness even if you feel you've done nothing wrong, humble yourself & do it, & watch the burden lift & then pray for strength to be able to move on,don't let this situation hold you in bondage, you say that you are too blessed to be stressed, then go ahead & walk in your victory, & GOD will bless you for your obedience, as Christians we have got to learn to release one another through forgiveness & pray for each other because the devil is busy at work trying to tarnish our witness, kill, steal & destroy us, & our fellowship, this situation is another one of his tactics,don't give in, you are liberated in CHRIST!!! I'm praying for you & the situation, luv Wanda :-)
Thank you my sister everything you said is true and i must do that or it will be held against me.
Hello my Brother And my sister.
yes the devil comes in many ways, we all have to humble ourselves believe it or not he banned me from his site to. But I am not going to banned him even if i can, and have the authority to do so. because it will be like throwing stone for stone, i don't have any idea why he banned me ,i wrote him five times and he has not responded yet so whatever his motive is i will give it to god and humble myself, as long as i know in my heart and in the eyes of god i have not did any wrong doing to deserve this so i gave all to him to be handled in his on way. He invited me because his people loved my tags than he banned me. so i will shake the dust from my shoes and keep on going in Jesus name.
Thank you my brother for sharing but it's a sad state when we all get together on a site to praise and worship our Saviour and satan moves in or strarts the group and then bans the very ones that he invited into the group to begin with because i knew nothing of the group until i received the invitation from him. It's time out for playing church it's time to get real and thank you for sharing once again i am going to LET GO AND LET GOD becsuse He is our all and all, And looking at the big picture, that siste is not going to get us to heaven only we can do that by walking and living Christ like,
It seems that i have been caught up in this and i don't know why. i am shocked at how many people have been banned also and i was asked to be an assistant. i am concerned also and will be praying to know that this too shall pass. I am really upset by this. Keep me in your prayers.
Evangelist Cookie
Thank you sister because i to was asked to be an administrator and the next thing i know i was banned for no reason and was given no explanation and i have let go and let God because He knows all, Keep praying for me as i will you, May God continue to Bless you
Just to let you all know I was asked to be the secretary before I was banned.
Hello all my sisters and brothers in Christ, don't know if any of you know this or not but the site has been shut down, I don't know why and neither do i care i just know that God answers sincere prayers and i prayed mightily for Him to handle this situation and when i made up in my mind to remove my hands and to let go and let God, He stepped in right on time because i was really worried about the young people on that site being led by a wolf in sheep clothing. God Bless all of you
My Sisters Let God Handle it * I'll Keep All Of You In My Prayers * Don't Worry God Will Work This Out*


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