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     When we think of Love in the natural sense, it is someone we are attracted to and share with. This can be family, friends, marriage, etc. We consider likes, dislikes, favorite foods, favorite colors, past-time activities. You desire to please and fit in to plans and actions. We also want to know that the care we put in is reciprocated by the other. We want to know you care.

     But, when it comes to God it is Love on a whole other level. We find examples throughout the scriptures where time and again God shows love toward His people. Probably the best known scripture is John 3:16. This moves from a Love to Intimacy. so loved the world(freely

done without regard of return) only begotten son(all that He had) not perish(promise of safety) everlasting life (communion with the Father, relationship, family status). 

     He preplanned the encounter that would impact the world forever. The unselfish heart, the sacrifice of giving, unconditional love at the cross. But, even before this- existence of man was carefully thought out and every comfort was established for us to enjoy before Adam was even on the scene. Planets in their perfect positions, sun in the day, moon and stars at night, gentle breezes, fruits of every kind. Animals and waterways, vegetation so that everywhere man looked he saw beauty above around and on the earth. The Love of God was shown even then to show our acceptance-refuge-care so there would be no need for validation by others. Think about it! No matter how life treated you, you always have a shoulder to lean on, one who is willing to listen, one who is always there and awaits hearing the fruits from your lips. There to cushion us through the battles of life.

     He is the only Wise God and knows our lives from beginning to ending. He knew every shortcoming man would make, every lie and deception, as well as every success and achievement, every failure- yet at our creation, when finished He still looked through man's life like a rolodex and concluded, "It Is Good." Wow! And all of this was done free of Charge. You know the world always wants something in return, favor, payment, or IOU. God is so good to us. 

    Psalm 139:14 says," ...we are fearfully and wonderfully made:..."  It speaks to the inner-man about the care, precision of systems in the body that interact in harmony. It means the love, time effort, molding and making. When you read Genesis about creations of God all other things he Thought and then spoke. Man was His Masterpiece. He personally scooped with His hands and formed man. He personally oversaw every detail. Then He breathed- giving man an essence of Himself like a signature of His work, and part of Himself to look and have actions of the  Creator-Likeness and image. Remnant is part of the original. It means we should have attributes, character, resemblance of family. Wonderfully-full of wonder. Drawn from HIS blueprints valuable, priceless, cherished. God had creations but he wanted intimacy with man. As we grow in maturity, remember "WHY." You are distinct, unique, original, and full of purpose. Be encouraged Body of Christ- We are His Masterpiece and we have the stamp of Authenticity. We are His and we are Loved. God Bless!

Prophetess Dr. Teloria Williams (IHS)

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