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as police reform can never work in any state anywhere, when you have a man who wheres a uniform of a police officer with an evil heart, for the lord said The heart is wicked and who can know it... as in the Bible pharaoh his heart never changed although God showed him many times who he was,

, and he demonstrated all of the glory of his power of the sacrifice of the holy lamb of Jesus Christ, but pharaoh like the police officers in this,

the country their hearts are hardened and police reform will not work, They have decided to be evil and They choose to kill anyone that's, not their skin color... The only thing that will work is to Defund the whole justice system in This country in every state,,, because we see many officers who kill the innocent They have no remorse, They have no feeling,,  They show no concern, for any of the innocent people they kill on any occasion,, They are cold and callous a diabolical devil with a uniform on

.. they care not about the feelings of the mother are the family, of anyone that they shoot to death in cold running blood, those police officers feel nothing no emotion a cold-hearted devil,  and if our black children call the police for help they could be murdered innocently for no reason at all or the officer decided to let them die,

so what we have is those who are evil without the compassion for the living God who takes bibles from our children out of  school, so we must pray, pray until our prayer reach the heavens like those in slavery, I am taking this time out to say,, lord Jesus take you Lord Jesus for your mercy,, for your grace,,

I almost died many times at the hands of the oppressor the police,, and I thought nothing about my life only about will I enter heaven because there is enough hell on earth and we face demons when we face a police officer who will murder us in cold blood and not feel anything,,

This is why we should defund the whole justice system in every state, This will end gun violence and the hurting hearts of mother and fathers will begin to heal,, but it starts with defunding an evil cause of police who have no feeling or compassion for the people in their country, We the people in this country have the power to make a great change in history,, as god has given us , across the globe and we can do it.

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