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The glory of The male and female In Gods Image,,Deliverance From Transgenders spirit

To Understand The Glory of The living God Jesus Christ who has created you in his own Image,,You see The confusion of The devil when you are born male or female,, and you thinking a man or a women is living inside you,, No you are only one soul unless you are pregrant with a child ,, no other spirit can live inside of you unless its the holyspirit or a evil spirit,,

when you are born you are born either male or female ,, and no one can come between your parents during sexual intercourse and change your dna or the gender of who god has made you during natural sex,, not made man intervention as man made intervention has invented evils to give you a choice whether you can have male or female '' but this is not the will of god,,transgender spiritually the transferring of the spirit ,, who are you after who have you become or what have you become , a frankenstien,, this is not to offend you but the pure gospel of jesus christ ,,you either live for something or nothing at all I live for christ who do you live for..

The devil is a liar and invented the first lies,, when the serpent lied to eve,,

 when you are born a man your bones are that of a man,, and even if you remove all your sexual male parts,, your bones will still be that of a man

your hips will never grow apart to give natural birth like a women,, and then go back together

 and this pure wickedness where they are harvesting dead women vagina and experimenting placing them in  men,, there bones will still be that of a man ,

Sorry devil you cant win god has given me this gift through the holyspirit of knowledge... I know the devil hates me and is trying to convert ,me those of members of the occult, but i rather die than be anything like that,, and I dont mind dying for jesus,,

So you see women ,, you change yourself to man by plastic surgery but your bones are still that of a women,, and you will always be a women,, and some men are able to still over power you in strength because your physical plastic body is not man with the strength of a man even though you look like one your fake plastic surgery six packs,, and muscle,,

 The lords vengeance is upon us,, and This is gospel it is not meant for harrassment or to be used for bullying or any type of hate what so ever  it is to bring those who are inventors of evil into to pure knowledge of the living god ,, not by the understanding of men but by the communication of the holyspirit which is given  during prayer to understand the true living god,,

 Come to jesus ,, come to jesus what good is it to destroy your body you are going to get old ,, you will have illnesses you dont understand nor the doctors

Why dont you like who jesus made you ,,that plastic will change it will deflate over time as your bones are going to grow old do you have the money to take care all of that,, when you can just be who god made you  , make up eye lashes and nice clothing thats ok ,, they wore these things in the bible all the time,, 

 your natural beauty is more beautiful and it will last,, those implants will need to be redone over when they start to deflate,, and all the side effects with that,, when you could just be you made in the image of almighty god,, the holy lamb of jesus christ,,  Come jesus is waiting yunish lucious nephatallie

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