Guardians Prayer Warriors

Spreading God's Love Thru Prayer

Daddy’s Little Girl Introduction

Module 1: Exploring the past (The beginning)

  • Meet the Parents
    • How do/did your parents relate to each other? What have you learned about them by watching their interactions?  Was it positive or negative?
  • Interrelational Connections
    • What type of relationship did you have with your father? If your father was present and involved in your life, did you find him to be protective or lackadaisical in your interactions on a daily basis?
  • Exploring The Past (Letting Go)
    • Keep in mind that the ability to forgive is the freedom to disconnect yourself from the hurt.

Module 2: Self Esteem

  • Personal World View/Perception
    • Do you have authority issues if your father was absent, due to death or other circumstances? Is your attitude about men due to past experiences? 
  • Personal Belief System
    • Do you have faith in anything or anyone (i.e., moral code, God, people?)

**Disclaimer – This is a judgment free zone, and no one will get on your case for your beliefs or lack of them.**

  • Goals “Who Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?”
    • Who do you want to be when you grow up by learning how to change your mindset and walk out your next chapter free from your past?

Module 3: Cause and Effect

**Disclaimer - This segment of the program deals with issues regarding sexual abuse and how it has impacted our lives as women who have experienced this.  While this is an emotional topic, it is used for the purpose of fostering healing and wholeness in every area.**

  • Behavioral Analysis (Evaluation) – Your Response to People, Places, Things/Habits
    • What is your response to:
    • People - Have you ever tried to hurt yourself or others as a result of what happened to you? Has this affected your relationships with others, particularly men? Are you having a hard time developing relationships with anyone?
  • Behavioral Analysis (Evaluation) Responsibility – Taking Ownership of Behavior
    • As a result of what happened to you, did you find yourself acting out and trying to do the same thing you experienced to someone else?
  • Behavioral Analysis (Evaluation) - Self Forgiveness
    • Based upon your belief system, can you find it in your heart to forgive them for what they did to you AND blaming yourself for something you couldn’t control?

Module 4: Becoming

  • Explore the Kind of Woman You Want to Be
    • What type of woman have you become despite your trauma? Have you compromised yourself due to your experiences?
  • Explore What Is Holding You Hostage

With regards to your interactions with the opposite sex

  • Do you feel that all men are dogs, and has this affected your view of men? Can you recall any good relationships with your dad, male family members, friends or coworkers?


Module 5: Letting go

  • Examine Forgiveness – What It Is, and What It Is Not
    • Even if they never ask for your forgiveness, you must do it.  It’s for you, so you’re able to move on.
  • Practicing Release – Letting Yourself Cry, Giving Yourself Permission to be Angry for a Moment, Not Beating Yourself Up
    • Give yourself permission to express your anger for a moment, but don’t stay there.
  • When Is It Ok To Rest?
    • Pray, meditate or do yoga.  All of these are relaxing and will refocus you.

For Registration Information:

Contact Sharilynn “Sherri” McIntosh at (508) 250-5813 or email

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