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Welcome back, and let's begin with prayer:  Father, Abba, thank you for leading and guiding us through your Holy Spirit into truths and through mysteries that free us to be your children - shining forth your glory - Please continue 24/7 365 days of the year to enlighten the eyes of our understanding, deliver us from mindset paradigms (traditions of men) and bless us abundantly with Your Grace and Mercy in Christ Jesus.  Help us to come to know the truth about spiritual warfare as Your child through Christ Jesus, alive through Your Holy Spirit, Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen = 5 = GRACE! :-)


One of the key parts of enlightenment as we learn and grow in true authority - ware, is this:  We do not war/fight against flesh and blood.  

Now wait a minute, for all those who think I am condemning and judging - the above is from scripture: see below. 

Ephesians 6:12: (KJV)

   12For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places


We are in a war, yes.  It is not against flesh and blood, that we fight, intercede, war - even when people are involved - to move in true authority you must know Know KNOW the truth - and address the 'root' of the matter. 

All of the challenges being faced today have their beginning in the *principalities, *powers, *rulers of darkness, and *spiritual wickedness in high places (lower heavens). Problems begin in these spiritual realms and manifest in our physical earth realm.

If our eyes are not enlightened by God, we will get caught up (and many of us do) with the person(s) - the people doing dumb stuff.  Well it's time for us to wake up and grow up - we are fighting a battle that begins in the lower spiritual realms and works into and through the ignorance and blindness of human beings.  If we don't take care of the roots* the problem/warfare simply grow up again and again. 

Which is why it is so important that as an intercessor - and entering into the realms of warfare, we need to remember, clearly, and seek God to confirm in us really - Jesus hanging on the Cross - bearing all the sins of the world - having been whipped, punched, beard pulled out, and a 'crown of thorns ' shoved onto his head, piercing his brain - Jesus nailed to the cross and pierced by a spear in his side, His blood falling to the earth. JESUS before He breathed his last breath - said "Father forgive them for they know not what they do"!

And it is after this that Jesus dies, descends into hell, preaches to those there, and rises from the dead/death - hmmm.  Do you see the connection?  Forgiveness comes in the midst of suffering, no pointing the finger and blaming and judging - NOPE!  FORGIVENESS.  And then walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Death - and then rising into new life from death.

A seed must fall into the earth and die, and then burst forth with new life.  Well as a true warrior of God, you must, Must, MUST KNOW that your enemy is not that man or woman - even if they have done wrong, evil.  As God's true warriors we must know that our enemy is: 

* Principalities

* Powers

* Rulers of Darkness 

* Spiritual Wickedness in high places

and disarm them as in removing them from 'using' the people and then dealing with their roots. 

Now, I am not judging the men and women involved in wars - I am not limited by the physical happenings that are caused by the lack of the true knowledge of the God of Everlasting Love in the world.  The bible shows forth the results of going against our All in All Creator, God.  And many of the results have been injury and death to and of human beings.  I am directing your attention to the foundation of what we are about - in new life in Christ, we are born again spirit Children of God, and as such our warfare - root - is in the spirit realm.  

As such we need to be focussed on the cross and on the presence of God in us and all around us - to know what to speak, when to speak and particularly where/who to speak to.  

Yes there are times when people need to know they are being used and abused by the principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, and/or spiritual wickedness in high places (I will call these 'neggies' as in negative ones) . A time when people need to choose to be free or remain a puppet of the enemy of our souls.  

 However, as you learn and grow, you will see more and more of the truth and root of issues, and the struggles people go through as they try to be free - as a true warrior of God, called and prepared, you will be able to shine the light of love around people, and speak to those 'neggies' in true authority, binding them and casting them into the sea of forgetfulness. 

As you continue on your journey, you will be amazed at how blessed you are and what a blessing you are as a true warrior of God, living, moving and having your being in 'true authority' - Him. 

Peace and Love to you in Christ Jesus!

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