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(ACTS. 13 42-52 )( ACTS.14:1-6)( ACTS.14:7-18)(ACTS. 14:19-20)( ACTS. 15: 1-12

ACTS.13:42-52 "MANY JEWS RESPONDED TO THE GOSPEL 13:42-33 )however,when paul's next audience included many gentiles,the jews began opposing him 13:44-45)  citing GOD'S ancient evangelistic charge to israel see isa. 43:8-13and 56:1-8) paul and barnabas preached to the gentiles,and many responded,leading the jews to expel them from the city acts 13:46-52)+++(acts. 14:1-6 going next to iconium,in galatia, paul again spoke in the synagogue,and many responded,both jews and greeks, once again the unbelieving jews opposed him,and he and barnabas had to flee).+++(ACTS.14:7-18 at lystra,also in galatia,paul healded a crippled man,causing the people to worship him and barnabas as the gods zeus and hermes 14:8-13) they tried to point the awestruck crowd to the one true god,but found it difficult to do so 14:14-18)the eagerness of even the priest of jupiter to worship paul and barnabas may be explained by the roman poet OVID'S report of an ancient myth; when zeus and hermes visited this area disguised as mortals,everyone turned them away except one old couple,resulting in a flood that drowned everyone except this couple,resulting in a flood that drowned everyone except this couple. the crowd's worship may have been an effort to avoid a repetition of that event).+++(.ACTS. 14:19-20 thanks to some trouble making jews, the same crowd that had tried to worship paul now tried to kill him,but paul survived and went back into lystra to preach, then went to derbe).(ACTS. DISCIPLING THE NEW CHURCHES.14:21-28  paul and barnabas then retracted their steps, discipling and encouraging the new converts in each city,and appointing elders  14:21-25). then, after two years on the road, they returned to their home church in antioch and reported their great success among the gentiles. paul probably wrote his letter to the galatians, his earliest known letter,at this time).+++(ACTS.15:1-12 some christians came from judea to antioch and taught that circumcision was necessary for salvation. paul and barnabas  opposed this heresy and were sent by the church to jerusalem to settle  the matter with church leaders there 15:1-5). at jerusalem,peter reminded the assembled leaders that he had personally led gentiles to christ see >acts 10: 24-48) totally apart from the law. his conclusion; why burden them with the yoke of the law that no jew have ever kept? why not acknowledge that gentile christians, just like jewish christians,are saved by grace alone 15:6-11)? (paul and barnabas then told of the many gentiles god had saved during their missionary trip.. 

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