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Saints of the Most Hig God,the Lord has layed upon my heart to ask the body of Believers in True Holiness (Are you Filled with the Spirit?);

God wants to make us pillars: honorable,strong,and Holy.God will move us on True saints are enamored with the possibillity of this.

God wants you to know that you are saved, cleansed,delivered,and marching to victory. He has given us faith to believe.God has a plan for us!As the Word instructs us! "Set your mindon things above" (Col. 3:2), and get into th e Heavenly places with Christ Jesus.

You cannoy repeat the name of Jesus too often. What a privilege it is to kneel and get right into heaven the moment we pray, where the Glory desends, the fire burns, faith is active, andthe Light dispels the darkness.

Jesus is the life and the light of men;no man can have this light and still walk in darkness.(John 8:12) is the Word that God has given us to identify True from false."When Christ who is our life appears, then you will appear with Him in Glory" (Col.3:4). Where His life is, disease cannot remain. Is not He who dwells in us Greater than all? Is He Greater?Yes when He has full control. If one thing is permitted outside the will of God, it hinders us in our standing against the powers of the enemy. We must allow the Word of God to judge us, lest we stand condemed with the world (1Cor. 11:32).

"When Christ who is our life appears" (Col. 3:4). Can we have any life apart from Him, any joy or any fellowship apart from Him? Jesus said, "The ruler of this world is coming ,and he has nothing in Me" (John 14:30). All that is contrary in us is withered by the indwelling life of the Son of God.

So the question arises,Are we ready? Have we been clothed with the Holy Spirit?Has mortality been swallowed up in our lives?If He who is our life came,we should go.We know that the Lord has laid His hand on us.We know this because we know we are filled with His Spirit and it not just something we say with our mouths.

Heaven has begun within me. I am happy now, and free since the Comforter has come. The Comforter is the Great Revealer of the Kingdom of God. He came to give us the more abundant life He Promised.

God has designed the plan, and nothing else really matters because the Good Lord loves us.

The only way to Glory is through the flesh being torn away from the world and separated unto God.This freedom from of spirit , freedom from the law of sin and death, is cause for us to rejoicine everyday.

The perfect law destroys the natural law. Spirtiual activity take in every passing ray, ushering in the days of heaven upon the earth,when there is no sickness and when we do not even remember that we have bodies. The life of God changes us and brings us into the heavenly realm, where our reign over principalities and over all evil is limitless, powerful, and supernatural.

When we are separated from the old and wak in the newness of Christ,Spititural power increases more until we come to the oneness of mind and be on one accord and give way for the Glory of God to rain down in the earth , right into devine life.When the whole life is filled ,this is Pentecost come again.The life of the Lord will be manifested wherever we are, whether on a bus, or train.We will be filled with the life of Jesus unto prefection, rejoicing in hope of the glory of God (Rom. 5:2), always looking for our translation into Heaven.

We must have the overflowing life of Holiness in the Spirit. God is not pleased with anything less.It is a disgrace to be part of the ordinary plan after we are filled with the Holy Ghost.We are to be the Salt of the earth(Matt. 5:13). We are to be Hot, not lukewarm (Rev. 3:16), which means seeing God with eaderness, liberty, movement, and POWER.





(LUKE 1:75, Rom. 6:19, 2nd Corn 7:1, Eph. 4:24, 1st Thes 4:7, HEBREWS 12:14)

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Comment by Prophetess Dr.Teloria Williams on November 14, 2012 at 1:44pm

Amen! There is a move of God occurring now where He is calling His followers to reside in true Holiness. He is bringing us back in to Righteousness. This season is a restorative process that He is placing on those who dare to remain steadfast and unmoveable. Just as He is doing this there is another side. To those that refuse to remain in the Will of God there is great exposure taking place. God will not continue to allow those that are not His to operate and represent His principles as such. Jealousy, envy, spite, accusation, discord, gossip, false teachers-have no right or priviledge to operate as a counterfeit. Only what is done for Christ will last. If we truly are Holy, we don't have to tell anyone-it shows up in your lifestyle, your interactions with others, and your continued committment to walk in His statutes. We are getting to the point that we either will "Be real or Be still," Thank-you for posting this blog. may God bless and Keep you is my prayer. Forge On !

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