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Hopelink Nicole aranda and Stephanie page racial profiling & discrimination against Blacks

I am Thankful I made to 2020. . praise The Lord guardian prayer warriors. .I am writing to inform every Black or interracial families in Washington of Nicole Aranda and Stephanie page who work for Hopelink Bellevue Washington...I have seen Nicole aranda and Stephanie page evict many Black families after they have paid rent and they have gotten money and pledges for utilities or resources and gave them to white families.  I seen them run Black families off to where they would leave in the middle of the night because Nicole aranda and Stephanie page has treated them so bad and there kids ...and blame them for everything that go wrong in the apartment because they Black and with hold resources and other things that they get funding for...Nicole aranda and Stephanie page has had many families furniture taken to the dumpster and also charged trespassing charges against them for no reason. .no reason at all..many Black families went back to homeless because of the unfair treatment  of hopelink Bellevue Washington Nicole aranda and Stephanie  page and Mallory gustative Trask..with holding pledges   every white family was given section eight voucher to any place they wanted to go. With out any pressure and they weren't ask to provide the things Black families were ask to provide.Stephanie page she real mean real discriminitive towards Blacks ...I mean just nasty....When Amy first moved Nicole aranda and Stephanie page and everyone in the hope link Bellevue office was so mean racist and nasty they would ignore  Amy or act if though she wasn't there .  And act like they couldn't hear her or frown if she went in the office and often times she get made fun of. Or dogged out by case manager Stephanie page if she asked for anything ... Stephanie page of Hopelink Bellevue has a Hate for Black families ..that's just cruel ...she treat Amy Williams and honesty Martin like they animals or some kind of slave ... And hopelink Bellevue Washington family are treated like they are on a plantation..scares to open there windows when the office is open even scared to come out. You might get a eviction if you black if you come out to much while the hopelink Bellevue office is open.. Stephanie page and Nicole aranda give Amy Williams  eviction notice for everything she does or Stephanie page she hate Amy Williams so much she just find any reason  to write her a eviction notice and Stephanie page and Nicole aranda has treated black Families so bad that they are afraid to let there children cone outside when the office is open some black kids afraid of being profile or discriminate against they only come out at night and they lived in hope link Bellevue for two years .one black family has made a play room inside her apartment because Stephanie page and Nicole  aranda made them feel so bad about being black and coming outside living here that they never come outside.and it is supposed to be a government program..but if you black case manager of hopelink Bellevue Washington make black people fell like they shouldn't be alive or exist. Nicole aranda and Stephanie page Mallory gustative Trask they treated Amy Williams real her out for everything and the two babies she has too ..the racism and hate is just out of control. And just wrong.  At one time amy she would start crying when she had to talk to Stephanie page or Nicole aranda and Mallory gustative Trask that's how bad it was a white guy name beer who worked for king county helped Amy so she wouldn't cry so much ....

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