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I'm a disabled Navy Veteran and my family and I are HOMELESS

My name is Kevin Silance. I am a Disabled Navy Veteran and my wife works at Wonder Works in Pigeon Forge...  We have been displaced due to renting from a slum lord named Stewart, over here in Gatlinburg. The city of Gatlinburg inspector came out three weeks in a row to inspect our place and the two maintenance guys didn't repair anything right. The one maintenance guy literally drinks 24/7 and the other guy stops every half an hour to smoke a joint. So the third time the inspector came out he Officially CONDEMNED our place and told us that we have 24 hrs to be out or go to jail. All because the landlord doesn't care...  We had ABSOLUTELY NO NOTICE of what was going on until the day it happened...  With out being able to save for the move We have been FORCED to move out within 24 hrs. So we've been living in our car with our dog's, with nowhere to go so for a month month and a half now. I have a bad back and neck to begin with and living in our small car with three dogs is extremely hard. My Service dog is a Bull Mastiff that weighs probably 150 lbs and we have a black lab and an ugly little dog lol, I can't think of what kind she is, but we're all cramped in my dodge Intrepid.. And the weather is getting A LOT HOTTER every day..  The wife and I are ready to just give up. We have done EVERYTHING that we know to do and then some and nothing is working out. My wife's ankles are so swollen and she has bad knees too.  I've contacted the Supportive Services for Veteran Families with the VA.. We are HOMELESS and living in our car. We can afford the rent no problem. The VA is going to pay ALL of the Upfront costs to get into a place and one months rent on top of that.  BUT the HUGE Problem we're finding is NOBODY will except pets. Not even my Service dog for crying out loud.  And besides the problem finding a place to let us have our dog's we can't find anything that we can afford right now. In the summer all these places down here bring in a WHOLE BUNCH of foreigners to work and that takes money out of our pockets because the locals get there hours cut so these foreigners can work as much as they want... We have to find a place ASAP so my wife and I and our babies can get a roof over our head instead of living in our car. The cops have pounded on our car door three times so far and told us it's Illegal to be homeless and live in your car. So we asked them, we're homeless so where are we supposed to go, and they all said go to Walmart, BUT Walmart has huge signs saying it's Prohibited to sleep in your car in there parking lot.  Emotionally this is killing us. We've been fighting ALOT and are SOOOO FRUSTRATED about everything. We've done Everything that we know to do and then some and nothing is happening.  We DESPERATELY NEED PRAYERS and emotional support or suggestions so we can figure out how to get a place to live. My wife sits here and balls her eyes out saying I just want to go home. But unfortunately the car IS home. We just want to live somewhere like a house or apartment or a trailer. Anything would be better than living in our car. If you happen to have a place near Pigeon Forge Tennessee and are willing to work with us PLEASE contact Me at  or call my wife at 419-771-8198. We would love to even hear words of encouragement or maybe some advice.  Please pray for us if you don't do anything else because I know that God is listening and working on our problems, it's just So Hard because what ever he is doing is on His time frame and not ours. Carla Kible is the the VA Lady if you would like to talk to her.  You can reach her either by email at or by phone at 524-3926 x 260.  . Thank you so much... We REALLY NEED your prayers...  We love you all and God loves you all too.  GOD BLESS YOU ALL...

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