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Joan widen and 17 year of racial retaliation and racial profiling

It's been 17 years for me..yunish nephatallie of consistent. Racial profiling and discrimination to where I almost can't live my life...the word of God and my friends here at guardian prayer warriors have helped me through it by their encouragement and their 2007 my daughter was badly beaten and assualted in a racial profiling case that I won where I lived in brownspoint Tacoma Washington a place called on the green now called the fairways..month after the month for 17 years my family has suffered...the last racial profiling case in , 2018...there was two vehicles were scratched on the word negro experience and damaged.. windows broken out gasoline poured on the other vehicle and blood poured on the ground .. people in the parking lot. Saw it so they called a sheriff deputy to come out take pictures.. then a man following us had a sticker on his car on a teddy bear hanging in a swing and a hanging from a tree..I never seen anything like my life..the people in the parking lot was trying to figure out what kind of blood was that.  Then later in August a woman who said she was a white supremacists came into a church with a noose..going around the church . The church was a white church united Methodist but the people were extremely kind the help people it's called a safe place a place families run to for safety. So the women with the noose said that she was going to go around Washington burning down black churches .if my family had a place to live or any other black family that she didn't like..and she also said how she hated black babies and children..the people in the church had her removed they also called the police on her they told her they didn't want her there neither would they have or take part any thing she did or was doing..I had German Shepherd sic on me on night walking home. A lady passing by saved my life .I have had several news cases of hate crimes..and it has been a continuous thing until I almost can't live...a aka 47 was pulled on me and my son by this white male for no reason we were outside..he didn't want any blacks living in his apartment..and we lived upstairs..he banging on the floor for a hour calling us racist 2012 a man mailed me a letter he blow his head off if barrack did a second term..and when Barrack was elected a second time a newspaper was placed on my doorstep of a white male blowing his head off ... because Barrack was president again...a man emailed me and told me that he would email threats to barrack and Michelle. And calling me racist names he lived in federal way that man was taken in custody by law enforcement and it was in news paper.. a letter was written to me by email that I would never have a home or be free to live because I am still a slave and some other really nasty racist comments that I refuse to repeat. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ I am still here..and praise God for all the saints in guardian prayer warriors..and Minister Smith and his family...thanks everyone for praying for me and special thanks to the evangist that has written me every day thank you I love you and thank God for all of you yunish....Jan 2020

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