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At 6:34pm on August 12, 2019, Patricia Ann Huffman said…
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 photo FANROSEpatty_zpsc6937c78.gif

Monday Blessings. May Your Week Be Blessed and Filled with Love & Peace! A Hug & Prayers. Patty Ann

 photo 3052264917_1_3_1rhgQ8Db_zps3ede0075.gif
At 1:38pm on August 12, 2019, Prophetess Dr.Teloria Williams said…

Praise Him! Glad to be friends. Have a wonderful day.

At 5:01pm on August 11, 2019, Patricia Ann Huffman said…
 photo yt30kcca0td_zpse693dc32.gif
 photo 105_zpsxnztdt72.gif

May the Spirit of the Living God fill Your Soul in A Mighty Way this Sunday. Jesus Hug, Peace & Prayers. Patty Ann

 photo yt30kcca0td_zpse693dc32.gif
At 2:52pm on August 11, 2019, Lady Soul said…

At 12:49pm on August 10, 2019, Patricia Ann Huffman said…
 photo div75_zps721323e1.gif
 photo signturedesign21_zpsbc767e97.gif

May Your Weekend be filled with Positive Thoughts, Kind People and Happy Moments. Blessings, Jesus Smiles & Prayers. Patty Ann

 photo div75_zps721323e1.gif
At 6:01pm on August 9, 2019, Patricia Ann Huffman said…
 photo bl902_zpsyvqfyfst.gif
 photo 8FRIDAY_zpswidstkuq.gif

"He Who Trust in the Lord, Mercy Shall Surround him." (Psalm
32:10) Enjoy Your Friday & Have A Good Weekend.
Jesus Hugs & Prayers. Patty Ann

 photo bl902_zpsyvqfyfst.gif
At 6:43pm on August 8, 2019, Patricia Ann Huffman said…
 photo xf47mvqls08_zpszuxcnein.gif
 photo eHnZXTTpDr8tbDc8nNIHKLOy5nP3K5E-iPzaM4M7fBKtKZajDdKl3Q_zpsnstneuzk.gif
 photo 1014320tgbdkqc5cr_zpszhxmvoz7.gif

When Our Arms Can't Reach the People Close to Our Heart. We Can Hug them in Our Prayers. Blessings, Peace & Prayers. Have a Good Evening. Patty Ann

 photo xf47mvqls08_zpszuxcnein.gif
At 5:20pm on August 8, 2019, Guardian said…
At 1:04pm on August 7, 2019, Patricia Ann Huffman said…
 photo 1412272956113391_zpsyjqbevko.gif
 photo 102_zpsajmownv1.gif

Obstacles, When Viewed in a Positive Light, They Are Simply Stepping Stones on the Journey to Success.. "Byron Pulsifer "
May God Give Us Strength to Handle Anything that Seems unmanageable in Our Life. Blessings, Love & Prayers. Patty A

 photo 1412272956113391_zpsyjqbevko.gif
At 8:40pm on August 6, 2019, Guardian said…
At 2:22pm on August 6, 2019, Patricia Ann Huffman said…
 photo l_zps45877aec.gif
 photo TUESDAYLOVE2_zps2ag4pvpl.gif

Blessed Are the Hearts that Can Bend; They Shall Never be broken. ~ Albert Camus ~ Have a Good Tuesday & Keep On, Keeping On. Blessings, Peace & Prayers. Patty Ann

 photo l_zps45877aec.gif
At 1:09pm on August 5, 2019, Patricia Ann Huffman said…
 photo 0jafejxxx79_zpsooogrpen.gif
 photo 1011_zpsysboppwe.gif
 photo b0fbfc1947bac9b162aa347f4cd4271d_zpsmqstzw6i.gif

A New Month & New Week ; May God Surround You With His Mercy, Hope, Peace & Love. Blessings & Prayers. Patty Ann

 photo 0jafejxxx79_zpsooogrpen.gif
At 7:57pm on August 3, 2019, Guardian said…
At 4:06pm on August 3, 2019, Patricia Ann Huffman said…
 photo 51tyasnkvqu_zpswxvbhlaf.gif
 photo tag11_zpsj4sqcg9r.gif

May God Shower You With One Blessing After Another. Enjoy Your Weekend. Smiles, Angel Hug & Many Prayers, Patty Ann

 photo 51tyasnkvqu_zpswxvbhlaf.gif
At 2:31pm on August 2, 2019, Patricia Ann Huffman said…
 photo 1tezaueoz58_zpsmng8dv46.gif
 photo 101_zps98tec9np.gif

"Happy Friday" May Your Cup Overflow with Peace, Love &
Pure Awesomeness. Smiles, Peace & Prayers. Patty Ann

 photo 1tezaueoz58_zpsmng8dv46.gif
At 1:18pm on August 1, 2019, Patricia Ann Huffman said…
 photo bh8kaykh4c2_zpskdpaja2n.gif
 photo tag4patty11 1_zps78os7eem.gif
 photo 667fc191feeeae424fb4333a07f3ea92_zpsqary32ca.gif

Today is A Gift and A Blessing from God So Smile & Enjoy Your Thursday.Blessings, Smiles, Peace & Prayers. Patty Ann

 photo bh8kaykh4c2_zpskdpaja2n.gif
At 3:05pm on July 31, 2019, Patricia Ann Huffman said…
 photo krri9dezpxq 1_zpscopklvs1.gif
 photo 3WEDNESDAY_zpssglfzwgi.gif
 photo CUP OF COFFEE-patty 1_zpsbvwsbjzs.gif

A Sip of Coffee, Pause to Pray, Thank the Lord for another day. Blessings, Peace & Many Prayers. Patty Ann

 photo krri9dezpxq 1_zpscopklvs1.gif
At 2:47pm on July 30, 2019, Patricia Ann Huffman said…
 photo rFyAyqO_zpsvsc6fxao.gif
 photo DENIM-CHECKING IN_zpsnssgkn0z.gif
 photo NAME-PATTY_zps23ybo1yi.gif

Happy Tuesday; Keep Your Circle Positive. "Speak Good Words. Think Good Thoughts, Do Good Deeds..." Blessings, Peace & Prayers. Patty Ann

 photo rFyAyqO_zpsvsc6fxao.gif
At 5:22pm on July 29, 2019, Guardian said…
At 11:44am on July 29, 2019, Patricia Ann Huffman said…
 photo 238bp5 1_zpsdp2mhnyb.gif
 photo 108_zpswghwa8t2.gif

Welcome to a New Week. Start Your day with a Smile. "May God fill Your Week with His Peace." Blessings, Love & Many Prayers. Patty Ann

 photo 238bp5 1_zpsdp2mhnyb.gif

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