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At 10:56am on September 28, 2020, Patricia Ann Huffman said…

“Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do.” Stay Strong & Have
A Good Week" Blessings, Strength, Hope & Many Prayers. Patty Ann

At 4:51pm on September 27, 2020, Guardian said…
At 10:42am on September 27, 2020, Lady Wind said…

At 10:30pm on September 25, 2020, Lady Wind said…
At 8:03pm on September 25, 2020, Patricia Ann Huffman said…

When We Try To Control Everything, We Enjoy Nothing. Relax, Breathe, Let Go, And Just Live. Weekend Blessings, Hope & Prayers. Patty Ann

At 4:53pm on September 24, 2020, Patricia Ann Huffman said…

Life is a Roller Coaster. Sometimes We hit the lows and Sometimes We hit the highs. The trick is to tip the balance in our favor. Keep Your eyes on Jesus because He always has His eyes on You. Blessings & Prayers. "Have A Good Thursday"

At 4:24pm on September 22, 2020, Guardian said…
At 9:45pm on September 20, 2020, Lady Wind said…

At 3:22pm on September 19, 2020, Patricia Ann Huffman said…

May the Lord Order Your Steps this Weekend into all that is Good and Pleasant. "Have a Pleasant Weekend." Blessings, Hope & Many Prayers.

At 6:42pm on September 17, 2020, Guardian said…
At 12:33pm on September 16, 2020, Patricia Ann Huffman said…

Amen to all Your Prayers because God has Seen all Your Challenges and has Promised to See You through. Jesus Hugs, Peace, Hope & Prayers....

At 11:13am on September 15, 2020, Patricia Ann Huffman said…

Have a Good Tuesday! Take time to Enjoy the Wonder and Beauty of Each Moment. Blessings, Hope, Peace & Many Prayers. Patty Ann

At 8:18pm on September 14, 2020, Prophetess Dr.Teloria Williams said…

At 2:01pm on September 14, 2020, Patricia Ann Huffman said…

May God Grant You Victory Over Every Trial that Comes Your Way., And May You Always Stand Tall in the Face Of Any Challenge. Amen. New Week Blessings & Prayers. Patty Ann

At 2:50pm on September 11, 2020, Guardian said…
Hello my friend,
Have a Blessed Day

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At 9:44am on September 7, 2020, Guardian said…
At 8:16pm on September 5, 2020, Guardian said…
At 12:40pm on September 4, 2020, Patricia Ann Huffman said…

Never lose an Opportunity of Seeing anything Beautiful, for Beauty is God's Handwriting. Have A Good Friday & A Safe Weekend. Jesus Smiles & Prayers. Patty Ann

At 10:37am on August 31, 2020, Guardian said…
At 2:54am on August 28, 2020, Patricia Ann Huffman said…

"A Sunrise And Sunset Reminds Us Of New Beginnings And The Hope Of A Better Tomorrow." Always Keep Hope In Your Heart. I Am Recovering from Gout. I Will Be Back Soon. Love, Blessings & Prayers. Patty Ann


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